District Profile

District Profile

District Profile

Beaver River Central School

PO Box 179
9508 Artz Road

Beaver Falls, NY  13305-0179

Phone 315-346-1211 

 Fax 315-346-6775




We are a small, K-12, rural school located in Lewis County, in northern New York State.  The population of Lewis County is 27,072.  Generally, 75% of our graduates went on to two-year colleges, technical schools, or four-year colleges.  Approximately 48% of our students receive free or reduced lunch.

Total Enrollment (K-12):  861                                     CEEB Code Number:  330365

2016 Graduating Class:  61                                        School Year:  4 quarters



Superintendent:                                              Todd Green

High School Principal:                                     Daniel Rains

Middle School Principal:                                  Christine LaBare

Elementary Principal/CSE Chair:                     Kimberly Lyman-Wright

Guidance Counselors:                                     Alexander Barrett (grades 10-12)

                                                                       Erin Monnat (grades 6-9)




Total Number of Students (K-12):  861

Seniors – 69; Juniors –73; Sophomores – 62; Freshmen – 58

Special Education Students (9-12) – 26


Grading System

Numerical grades 0% - 100%. The minimum passing grade is a 65%. Final Average consists of Quarters 1-4 and Final Exam (each weighted 20%).  Class rank and final averages are unweighted.  The average is based on all subjects.  Class standing and grade point average are computed at the end of the student’s junior year.


High School Diploma Minimum Requirements

Local Diploma:24 credits, to include minimum: 4 English, 4 Social Studies, 3 Math, 3Science, 1 Art/Music, 1 Language Other Than English, ½ Health, 2Physical Education, electives. Can score 55% or higher on five specifically designated Regents exams.  This option is only available for students approved by our committee on special education.


Regents Diploma:24 credits, to include minimum: 4 English, 4 Social Studies, 3 Math, 3Science, 1 Language Other than English, 1 Art/Music, ½ Health, 2Physical Education, electives.  Must score 65% or higher on five specifically designated Regents exams.


Advanced Regents Diploma:  24credits, to include minimum: 4 English, 4 Social Studies, 3 Math, 3Science, 3 Language Other than English, 1 Art/Music, ½ Health, 2Physical Education, electives.  Must score 65% or higher on nine specifically designated Regents exams.


Course Offerings

In addition to core courses, Beaver River offers the following electives:

English:                       Theater Arts

Math:                           AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, Graphing Calculator Algebra, Graphing    

                                    Calculator Geometry, Advanced Graphing Calculator, Math 12, Statistics,

                                    Career and Financial Math

Science:                      Adirondack Wildlife Studies, The Chemistry of Cooking, Alternative Energies, The Global Environment, AP Biology, Science of Fitness

LOTE:                         Spanish 1-4

Business:                    Career and Financial Math

Fine Arts:                     Studio Art, Advanced Studio Art, Digital Photography, Advanced Digital

                                    Photography, Stained Glass

Music:                          Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Senior Chorus, Choraleers,


Technology:                 Design & Drawing for Production, Architectual Design, Residential Structures

                                    Production Wood, Drivers Education

Agriculture:                   Introduction to Agriculture, Vet Science, Animal Science, Plant Science


Advanced Placement courses:

AP Biology

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC


Distance Learning courses with Jefferson Community College:

PSY 133 – Introduction to Psychology

SOC 144 – Introduction to Sociology


Jefferson Community College courses offered in the high school:

ENG 100 – College Composition                                      HEA 101- Personal and Community Health

ENG 101 – Research and Composition                            HIS 150 – American History to 1865

ENG 102 – Composition & Literature                                HIS 151 – American History 1865 to Present


SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry courses offered in the high school:

EFB 120 - The Global Environment


Class of 2013 Profile

Total number of graduates: 74

Plans after graduation                                                                      Number          Percentage

Four-year colleges and universities                                                          22                    30.0%             

Two-year community and junior colleges and technical schools             33                    44.0%

Entering workforce                                                                                    16                    22.0%

Entering military                                                                                          3                      4.0%

Diplomas                                                                                              Number          Percentage

Advanced Regents Diploma graduates                                                      26                    34.0%

Regents Diploma graduates                                                                       45                    59.0%

Local Diploma graduates                                                                              2                      3.0%

IEP Diplomas                                                                                                3                       4.0%

Scholastic Achievement Test (as of 06/10)

Students who took SAT: 44           

  Mean Math score:       521.4               Mean Writing score:    472.5

  Mean Verbal score:     491.4               Total Mean score:  1485.3