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Welcome to the library's website!

If we don't have what you are looking for you can always ask a librarian to do an inter-library loan where we can borrow the book you want from another school. You an also fill out the "Make a Wish" form to the left of this page and Mrs. Wright will try to buy the book you suggest.

If you are a teen and don't think you like to read, check out the books listed on this site:

YALSA's 2015 Quick Pick List 

They are books that will really capture your interest!

If you are a younger student who has a hard time finding a "good book" check out this list:

Books for Reluctant Readers

There are books listed for every age and are some of the best!

You can find a list of great book reading apps here:

Apps for Book Lovers

Mostare free, are found as Android and iPhone/iPad apps and contain accessto a multitude of free children's and young adult books. 

Check out these book trailers:


Just read a good book and don't know what to read next? Ask the Book Seer!