Attention Yearbook Buyers
Yearbooks are on a Special Pre-Sale sale until the end of the day today at a discounted price of $50.00 on our online website.  After today the price will be increased to $55.00 until Mid-October.  At any time you may purchase a yearbook by -
The website is:
Order # is: 4016  or  type in Beaver River Central School
Follow the prompts listed to order the yearbook and find your child you would be purchasing for.
We are also always looking for photos to include in the yearbook:  You can submit these in a couple of ways - and use the code word "beavers" to upload to the website.  or
email photos to:  or
place on a flashdrive or disc and send them to school (attention Mr. Moser)
Parents of Seniors - please do not forget that Senior Photos, Baby Photos and Senior Quotes are due on Sept. 25th.
Thank you for all your help and if you have any questions regarding the yearbook, I can be contacted at: