Bus Routes

Bus Routes  

Route # and Animal          Driver                       Roads Covered


#1-  Bear                                 Wilmer Lyndaker                     Long Pond Rd, Fish Creek Rd, Belfort Rd, Erie Canal Rd to turn around,

                                                                                                Steiner Rd, Kirschnerville Rd


#2-  Bird                                  Teresa Kloster                         Number Four Rd, Buck Point Rd, Stillwater Rd, Petrie  Rd, Dicob Rd, New  

                                                                                                Rd,Adams Hill Rd, Ruperick Rd, Number Four to district line, Erie CanalRd  

                                                                                                to Shaw Rd, Shaw Rd, Erie Canal Rd from Number Four Rd to Beech Hill Rd


#3-  Butterfly                            Laura VanCour                       Erie Canal Rd from Indian River to Belfort, Birdie lane, OldState Rd from

                                                                                                Belfort  to Monnat’s School House Rd, 812 to Bridge St, Belfort Rd. to High  

                                                                                                Falls Rd.,  High Falls Rd.


#4-  Camel                              Cleveland Garrison                 Boliver Rd, Jerden Falls Rd, 812 from Jerden Falls Rd to district line, Texas

                                                                                               Rd,812 from Texas Rd to Pine Tree Rd, 812 form Pine Tree Rd. to Old State

                                                                                               Rd, Old State Rd.


#5-  Cat                                   Marion Jones                          Beecher Rd, Soft Maple Rd, Bush Rd, Adams Hill Rd, Aucter Rd,

                                                                                               KirschnervilleRd, Pearl St, Red Pine Lane, George St, Mechanic St, School 

                                                                                               St, Bank  St            


#6-Chicken                              Sheila Roggie                       Steele Rd, Youngs Mills Rd, Third Rd, Old State Rd, Resha Rd, Baker Rd, 

                                                                                                Beaver  Falls Rd, LeFevre St, Main St, Lewis St, Hill Top St.


#7-  Cow                                 Dawn Jackson                         Aubel Rd, Zecher Rd, Jackson Lane, Beech Ridge Rd,  Rohr Rd, Second

                                                                                                Rd, Main St.


#8-  Deer                                 Debra Peters                          Williams St, 812 from 126 to Bridge St, Fire Hall St, Bridge St, Old Indian

                                                                                                River  Rd, Swiss Rd, Addison Ave, Mira Lane.


#9-  Dinosaur                          Shelly Schneider                      Cold Spring Park Rd, 126 from Tooker Hill to Cross Road, Cross Rd, Rt. 410

                                                                                                 toDistrict line, Naumburg Lane, 126 to Martin Rd, Martin Rd, 126 to MainSt.,

                                                                                                Main St. to Toytown Rd, Toytown Rd, Riverside Dr


#10- Dog                                James Aucter                          Erie Canal Rd from Kirshnerville Rd to turn around, Yousey Rd, Croghan 

                                                                                                Reservoir Rd, Erie Canal Rd to Brewery Rd, Briot Rd, Kirshnerville Rd, 

                                                                                                Black Creek Rd, Brewery Rd, Farney Rd, Erie Canal from Brewery Rd to

                                                                                                 Beech Hill Rd, Beech Hill Rd. to Mattis Rd


#11- Dolphin                            Deborah Renaud                    Beech Hill Rd, Baker Rd, Ossant Rd, Tillman Rd, Hoffman Rd, Lomber Rd,

                                                                                                Deveines Rd.


#12- Duck                               Rick Tabolt                             VanAmber Rd from Naumburg to 812, 812 to Hopps Rd, River Rd, 812 to

                                                                                                 Artz  Rd


#13- Fish                                 Nancy Buzzell                          812 from Mattis Rd to 126, Buckingham Rd, 126 from Croghan to Cut-Off Rd,

                                                                                                Ebersol Circle, Artz Rd. from 126 to school


#14- Horse                              Michael Lyndaker                    Mattis Rd, 812 from Mattis Rd to Cut-Off Rd, Cut-Off RdCross Rd, Martin St,

                                                                                                126 from Cut Off Rd to Pine Tree Lane


#15- Lion                                 Vern Zehr                                812 from Artz Rd to Cut-Off Rd., Snell Rd, Patty St, Artz Rd, Basslin Rd.


#16- Penguin                           Cynthia Doyle                       Special Education to Lowville, Glenfield, and South Lewis, and BOCES